Stimulating Demand for Business Innovation

People love commenting. Sometimes even when actually not participating in discussion, just simply comment. But at times challenges or obstacles around the subject make things very complicated to maneuver - to just get around it - not to mention resolving it. This is where we - IDE2SEN - are good at. We love challenges, from there we can demonstrate our business innovation to drive your business better. And that can simply start from 'just my 2 cents' comment from us.

So, the next time you hear "'s just my 2 cents" from us, something good must be up in the air.


We simply aim to be the best in everything IDE2SEN does. Never thought of being less. That means our services, products, support, etc. Anything we do. We are highly passionate in realizing any ideas, even if it looks silly sometimes. Yes, it can surprises us too.
But with IDE2SEN's can-do attitude, out-of-the-box thinking, perseverance, strong drive, self-reliance, willpower, patience, integrity, passion, optimism, confidence, and articulate in realizing it, you will likely be surprised too.

UX Design

IDE2SEN's finest domain expertise : Enhancing the user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the services.

UI Design

IDE2SEN's finest domain expertise, demonstrated with a showcase of the best examples of beautifully designed mobile apps

Open Platform

Proudly built as open standards, such as published and fully documented external application programming interfaces (API) that allow using the software to function in other ways than the original programmer intended, without requiring modification of the source code.

High Scalability

Designed and architectured to run in standard hardware or virtualized or even in NFV-based environment, our platform is always matching dynamic demand with a dynamic supply in real-time.


Movin' is not just another mobile app. It's not just delivering basic Internet service that allows user to experience seamless WiFi connectivity when user is in or outside the house, but it brings much richer functionalities, such as home phone extender, WiFi seamless phone, short-dialing plan for family or even for SOHO, integration with IP TV as player & remote control, Digital Parenting, Digital Home, Home Payment, Operator's OTT service integration, and to the extent of Home Automation.
Download and feel how Movin' revolutionizes your experience.

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Our Services

A successful mobile application is available anywhere, anytime. It balances minimalistic, intuitive design with feature rich functionality. In order to achieve this difficult balance our consultant spend the time to thoroughly understand your business, customers, features, functionality and goals for the mobile application. We translate your requirements into a design that is natural and inviting to users that also provides the features and functionality they desire.
Here they are :

UX design

Our experienced and skilled UX design and engineering team know how to walk the fine line between design and features that a mobile application requires to provide the best user experience for your customer, whatever, wherever and whenever they might be.

UI design

A User Interface design can make or break any application at the online era like today. Every single object, color, shape, title, etc. go through thoughtful artistic consideration to achieve top-notch user experience with seamless and intuitive interface design. It starts even at the sketching stage, which will impress you. Yes, that's what our customers say.

SEO Services

Search Engine has grown to be very intuitive. It's learning and improving by second. It has become part of selling process, the default place to query for anything user can think of. To make sure SEO (Search Engine Optimization) success, we must step into your ideal consumers' shoes, discover what they are searching for and how they go about searching for it, and make it easy for them to find you. It sounds simple, but not quite. Well, fortunately our experienced and skilled team will make it so for you. They are equipped with the tools and knowledge to help you get discovered by your audience using modern SEO strategies.

iOS App

Unless you're building specific app for specific smart device running specific OS - typically due to cost consideration, supporting iOS is a must. From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch - we've the team with the experience and skill that loves iOS. They can talk and come out with new idea for hours about Apple devices, but the best thing from them is, if you can imagine it, they can build it for you.

Android App

Unlike iOS, Android apps exist in a highly fragmented multi-device industry. The API rules are less strict, but that also means quality assurance testing is more intensive. We handle it all for you. We've developed cool apps since early days of Android releases i.e from 2.X till today. From Gingerbread to Lollipop, simple phones to custom devices to Android wearables — we've done it all.

Win App

Yes, we can build Windows apps too. With the release of Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft makes it easier to develop Windows apps for the Universal Windows Platform with just one API set and one app package to reach all Windows 10 devices – PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Too good to be true? Well come and see us for the real action.

Our Works

Fasten your seat belt. The start is one great idea, and then we spent a few days to work on the business case and the market size estimation, an exercise to provide business context to the project which the developer would appreciate. And then a huge number of long hours, days and nights, in designing, implementing and testing.
Have a look at them here.

Vobber International

Internet Of Things

UConn System

National Scale Data Innovation Platform

TKI Nusantara

Migrant worker protection tool with Communication

OWL Secured Line

Secured Proprietary Communication App


The Quad-Play Mobile App

Store Interaction

Revolutionized Retail Commercial System

Any-Switching Platform

NFV-Based Stateless Switching

Socio Edu

Social-Network-based Education Framework

About Us

"It's my 2 cents..", a common closing sentence we often hear at the end of suggestion, often a good one. But for IDE2Sen, it is the starting point.

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Multi Capability

Founded and aimed in exploring and inventing new businesses with innovative ideas, which often come with various challenges. A group of talented professionals from various industries formed the company, scouting possible ideas to be transformed into new businesses, sorting out the complexity through processes, technology, eco-system partners, to make the business compelling. And then if needed, to execute the business plan to show the proven model. Eventually for our key customers to run the business on their own, or managed by IDE2SEN.

Nothing comes to us simple, but that's just what we like the most. What business we can do from ashes collected on ashtray daily? Or, how to resolve product inefficiency in the company? Or even a question like how to evolve bicycle business in a country to the moon? We will assist and show you how to do it.

Some References

  • Telkom
  • Telkomsel
  • AXIOO Indonesia
  • ADVAN Indonesia
  • Sysnet Integrators, Inc

Our Processes

We are flexible, just like how our products are, while your requirement is very fluid, dynamic, changes happen frequently. Typically this is one of source of failure. We define the steps to successful project. From the initial Kick-Off to grand launching. We apply our proceses into our operation all the way through.
We are pleased to elaborate each of them here














Fun Facts

Yes, this is what we captured accumulatively from time to time.
If you don't believe it, go ahead and count them yourself if you want to be sure - we update the count weekly basis. We will simply update the values next time ;-D



We are busy, but there's always time to meet up and get away from the routines once a while. We found solving problem is faster and easier when our brain had taken a break
Feel free to come and visit us at the upcoming events below, while taking a short break.

  • Movin' Quad-Play
  • Smart Internet Connection Manager
  • IP-based Telephony
  • MyUseeTV
  • Digital Parenting
  • Online banking/payment
  • Home Automation
  • UKM Pro
  • Hosted PBX
  • Converged CUG
  • Simple to use, even for feature phone
  • Easy to provision
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to Support
  • Migrant Workers
    Migrant Workers
  • Early Warning System (EWS)/Panic Button
  • IP Based Telephony
  • Certified HP models for Panic Button
  • Multimedia Delivery
  • Online banking/Merchandising
  • GPS-based Location Info

Latest Blogs

Welcome to our Blogs section, which should help in socializing the project IDE2SEN involved with to the public. Feel free to write us feedback for our improvement.
And that means for you too.

Teknologi di Era Modern

Di jaman serba modern seperti ini teknologi canggih sudah banyak berkembang. Teknologi yang semakin kuat beredar di era jaman kita sekarang ini adalah teknologi komputer, laptop, hp bahkan kendaraan roda 2 maupun kendaraan roda 4.

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Building great products depends on great people. The number of Ide2seners are growing, but we are the little mighty team behind the service that people use every day—from backend to frontend. Find out more about what it’s like to work at IDE2SEN, where our offices, who, and how we drives our company strategy.


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